Leaker Asserts Apple Iphone 14 Pro Will Likely Feature Usb C Port

Jon Prosser

The iPhone 14 will bring a couple of enormous alterations to Apple’s iPhone tactic. These are critical to recognize before searching at the new iPhone 15 Pro USB-C rumor. Prosser says there will be no USB-C on the iPhone 14 with the Lightning port remaining. It appears that Xiaomi has started its teaser campaign for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, a smartphone that is rumoured to arrive in July. Although Xiaomi has not presented something on its many Weibo accounts however, co-founder Lei Jun has posted a cryptic tweet for his global followers.

A modified Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with an MFi-certified USB Type-C port is now orderable – Notebookcheck.net

A modified Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with an MFi-certified USB Type-C port is now orderable.

Posted: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

And right after a number of years of cautious upgrades, expectations are higher for the iPhone 14 in late 2022. Moreover, the leaker says that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Max will move to USB-C in 2024. The more affordable iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max will remain on Lightning for one additional year. The new EU regulations will not kick in till 2024, so Apple can still make iPhones featuring its proprietary charging port till then. A leaker who goes by the name LeaksApplePro mentioned on Twitter that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will get the USB-C port subsequent year. All iPhone 14 models will have the very same Lightning connector on the bottom.

Leaked Images Show Apple’s Dual Usb

For reference, Xiaomi has currently confirmed that it is now operating with Leica, a partnership that Huawei previously enjoyed. An Apple tipster has claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro will extra than most likely come with a USB-C port.

On April 19, he tweeted that new AirPods have been “ready to go.” Prosser said they had been likely to ship alongside theMacBook Prorefresh. When they did not ship on the very same day as the13-inch MacBook Proor in the following months of 2020, they could still arrive at any time. In October, he reported that Apple would not launch the new headphones at the October 13 “Hi, Speed” occasion. Yet another set ofAirPods Pro, over-the-ear headphones particularly, have been rumored as well. An update to this rumor came in early May possibly, with Prosser stating they will be called “AirPods Studio” and doubled down on the $350 cost point. However, they didn’t launch at WWDC, have been not called “AirPods Studio” and expense $549 at release.

Can you plug USB-C into Lightning?

With a USB-C to Lightning cable, you can charge and sync your AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, charge a Siri Remote, and additional. Here’s what you can do with a USB-C to Lightning cable: Charge your AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it’s connected to a USB-C port.

No details were supplied about how Apple achieved this design and style given that the renders are primarily based on pictures, not tech specs. Whilst he may possibly have started life as a tech YouTube character, a transition occurred sometime soon after the September iPhone occasion in 2019. Jon Prosser began discussing prospective price tag points of upcoming Google Pixel devices and Samsung phones, which led to men and women contacting him with precise data.

By February 2020, he began discussing unreleased Apple goods on his YouTube channel and Twitter. On February 24, soon after some Target point-of-sale leaks, he created his Twitter DMs open for “leaks and inside info only.” We’re expecting a lot of adjustments this year – the iPhone 14 lineup will get rid of some longstanding Apple capabilities and add new ones. But what will absolutely keep the similar are the high-priced cost tags that we’ve turn out to be accustomed to when covering any iPhone release.

The substantial family members of Cloud headsets by HyperX has just welcomed a new member, namely the MIX Buds. My interest in technologies started soon after I was presented with an Atari 800XL residence personal computer in the mid-1980s. I in particular take pleasure in writing about technological advances, compelling rumors, and intriguing tech-associated leaks. I have a degree in International Relations and Strategic Research and count my family members, reading, writing, and travel as the principal passions of my life. A new series of CAD illustrations purporting to show the forthcoming “iPhone 14,” appear to back up prior reports that it will retain the iPhone 13 design and style virtually entirely.

Smaller Leaks

Apple may well have tested USB-C models this year, but buyers will have to wait a single far more year to get that port. Apple has warned iPhone stock will be limited whilst there are conflicting reports about price tag adjustments. So, if you are undecided about the iPhone 13, you want to make up your mind immediately — or else. In a exceptional new exclusive, well known leaker Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech has revealed the iPhone 14 ahead of the iPhone 13 launch.

Late last year, immediately after the iPhone 13 lineup was launched,Brazilian site Blogdo iPhone reported that Apple will get rid of the SIM card slot in 2023, opting for an eSIM only iPhone lineup. That rumour sounded a bit absurd at the time, but it seems a lot extra correct today. In truth, trustworthy sources likeMacRumoursnow believe the iPhone 14 lineup will ditch the SIM card slot this year alternatively of next year. The upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is anticipated to get rid of the Mini altogether, replacing it with a new model – the iPhone Max, which we will cover later on in this post.

Does Apple use USB-C for iPhone?

Most of the company’s iPads and Macs currently rely on USB-C rather than Lightning. That suggests that Apple shoppers cannot use a single charger for their iPhone, iPads and Macs — an odd setup given Apple’s penchant for simplicity.

They have been allegedly code-named B517, aiming for a fall release for $200. He also recommended that they could be the “AirPods Pro Lite” that had been previously rumored. The eventually launched solution that his leak might have been referencing was the $50 Beats Flex and not $200 Apple-branded headphones. Earlier in the year, he was beaten by other leakers on sharing leaked pictures of the solution, stirring some drama. In late February 2021, Prosser shared renders of the upcoming desktops with Apple Silicon.

Slimmer bezels around the screen mean the Pro iPhones will achieve a fraction of an inch in diagonal measurement, according to the trusted display analyst Ross Young. From design alterations to new options, we look ahead to what you can count on when the iPhone 14 arrives. Camera reports say the iPhone 15 series might introduce a periscope zoom camera. But only the Pro models feature telephoto zoom lenses, so the feature would be restricted to the iPhone 15 Pros. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will receive a new notch design and style. They’ll employ a pill-and-hole cutout at the prime of the screen for the Face ID and selfie camera.

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Our suspicion is that Apple will only restore Touch ID to its top-tier phones when it’s able to provide it alongside Face ID. And that doesn’t support whatsoever with the removal of the notch. One particular way for Apple to make it less complicated to get rid of the notch would be to reinstate Touch ID on the subsequent iPhone. This can be carried out in one particular of two approaches, both of which have been heavily rumored for some time now. Apple’s yearly iPhone launch is the largest date in the company’s calendar.

The world’s first waterproof Apple iPhone with a USB Type-C port to go on sale soon – Notebookcheck.net

The world’s first waterproof Apple iPhone with a USB Type-C port to go on sale soon.

Posted: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

According to iDrop News, the iPhone 14 series will be – once once again – stuck with a lightning connector alternatively of a USB-C port. Even so, the Cupertino enterprise could upgrade the transfer speed of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max from USB 2. standard to a faster USB 3. level. IPhone 14 may well launch in four sizes adding iPhone 14 Max and dropping the mini / © WeiboNoticeably there are 4 models shown – but only two distinct screen sizes. This asserts that Apple could eventually drop the mini from the lineup due to the lackluster demand. With that in mind, we anticipate the beginning lineup to range from roughly $800-$1,000 in value, depending on model and size. ” says Prosser, who explains that Face ID remains but has been repositioned beneath the display enabling the iPhone 14 to have a compact punch hole camera rather.

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Touch ID was dropped from the flagship iPhones as extended ago as 2017, with its ongoing confinement to extra spending budget-focused models an implicit assertion that face recognition is far better than fingerprint. What that indicates in practice is that we’ll still get 4 models, but rather of these being split into 1 little, two medium and 1 massive, it will be two medium and two huge. We anticipate the iPhone 14 to be announced in mid-September 2022, and hit stores around a week later. While we wait for the new handsets to arrive, you can choose up a bargain on the existing variety with our roundup of the greatest iPhone deals.

A more most likely scenario will be Apple offering an eSIM-only iPhone 14 version, making it optional. Recall Apple launched the Mini in their iPhone 12 lineup, giving buyers an economical alternative. They followed with he iPhone 13 Mini last year, but it appears the Mini versions have in no way actually been a hit despite their lower value tag.


Carl Pei has been at perform establishing his tech get started-up as a prospective contender in the private electronics market considering that leaving OnePlus behind a handful of years ago. Now, the company is at the point at which it can release a teaser for an Android mobile device for the initial time. Nevertheless, in a way rather poetic given the OEM’s name, the new poster does not genuinely reveal a lot about the upcoming telephone . An exhaustive list of devices that will supposedly be eligible for a MIUI 13.five computer software update has been put collectively by Xiaomiui.

A different tidbit of facts about AirPower leaked on April 10, with Prosser stating that Apple was experimenting with an A11 chip to control heat displacement. This would be attainable by dynamically controlling which coils were energized to guarantee heat would be dissipated effectively devoid of the threat of overheating or fire. He said they have been in prototyping stages as of March 22, and none of them supported theApple Watchdue to its exceptional charging process. This was the underlying concern and probably overheating causes in the scrapped 1st AirPower model. Prosser seemingly was provided undesirable data in an attempt to undermine his potential as a leaker.

Additionally, a single of the industry’s most respected voices has backed the leak. IPhone 13 leaks have spoiled Apple’s most significant upgrades and made some eye-opening price claims. But now a new leak could have spoiled the iPhone 13 totally by revealing anything a lot more thrilling. DJI has already teased that it will announce the RS3 and RS3 Pro camera gimbals tomorrow.

The European Union agreed to impose a regular connector for all battery-powered electronic devices that help wired charging. The ruling will force Apple to add USB-C to the iPhone, one particular of the uncommon well-liked solutions with a proprietary charging cable. Apple has time until 2024 to implement the modify, but we already have rumors that the iPhone 15 will feature the connector. But Apple could possibly do things a little differently, with the iPhone 15 Pro models becoming the initially ones to switch to USB-C.

The AirTag was ultimately announced on April 20, 2020 and proved Prosser’s leaks to be hugely accurate for this product. He said it would have an all-white front without a logo and a polished-metal back with an Apple logo. He added that AirTags wouldn’t launch at the October 13 “Hi, Speed” event, with Apple alternatively announcing it in March 2021. They are compact puck-shaped devices with no keychain or hook, most likely to make them as compact as feasible.

The render artist says that the spacing of the ports had been tough to identify and seem skewed in the original image. The new style looks like it borrows components from the iMac as well as the MacBook Pro. It appears Apple will abandon the sloped chassis style for a uniform 1.

According to the supply, folks familiar with the matter have offered at least 3 causes for why Apple may possibly forge ahead with a USB-C port on the iPhone 14 Pro. The initial cause mentioned is data transfer speed, with most Lightning cables restricted to USB 2. transfer speeds. Older iPad Pro tablets could handle USB 3. prices with their Lightning ports but Apple switched to a USB-C port for the 2018 model. It seems only logical that the Cupertino-based business will ultimately switch to the same regular for its iPhone items also. TheApple Watch Series 6and iPad Air 4 have been to be released on September 8 by way of a press release, and Prosser doubled down on this and his sources being correct.

Having worked in 3 nations for four telcos on both voice and data items, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. This year, the iPhone 14 lineup will probably function even additional of a value hike. Fortunately, Apple is thinking about a subscription service which will let customers to rent an iPhone 14 this year. We’ve written an post about how Apple wants you to rent aniPhone 14,so be sure to take a appear at it if you are discouraged by how pricey flagship phones have grow to be. The leaked design and style diagram below will give you an thought of the new rear camera dimensions. However, the iPhone 14 lineup may well get rid of the lightning port, opting for the far more popular USB-C port alternatively.